5 Tips for Branding Your App

So you just developed your dream app. Congratulations Founder!
You’ve perfected the product and now it’s time for you to build, grow and establish your brand and identity so you can connect with the perfect audience.
I’ve included a few tips below to help kickstart your app branding process.

1. Know your business and the RIGHT customer for you

You would be surprised at how many entrepreneurs I meet that don’t understand what is special about their business. Coming to understand all of the features or services you provide, their benefits and why they make you one-of-a-kind is key. This will be the thing that sets you apart from the competitors.
In regard to your customers, think about how the benefits you provide will solve a problem for them. Which group is so affected by this problem and so interested in solving it that they would be willing to spend? This is who you should invest in targeting.

2. Unique value proposition and message

Your USP or unique value proposition is the one thing that is so unique about your business that is sets you apart from competitors. Sometimes it’s a feature, sometimes it’s a service, sometimes it’s your price. Ultimately it should be the thing that moves people to buy.
Once you’ve determine this, build messages around it so that prospective customers clearly understand the value and how it solves their problems.

3. Create a clear branding strategy

Develop a clear marketing plan specific to the app and tailored for the mobile devices market with your target audience in mind. In strategy building, you may want to consider professional help to assist you in navigating the changes surrounding app store marketing and your presence on and offline.
Your strategy should help tell a story and provide a compelling narrative surrounding what your business is all about.

4. Establish your identity

Branding your app does not end with the strategy. You must now create aligning assets to accompany the plan including logos, colors, imagery and more.
Our Brand Identity: Get the Step-by-Step Guide to Brand Self-Discovery will help you walk through crafting your identity and the direction you’d like to position your app in.

5. Analyze and Measure

Sometimes you get it right the first time…..but most of the time you don’t. And even when you’re on the right track, there is always room for refinement. Remain competitive by regularly analyzing and tweaking your assets, messages and more to ensure you’re delivering on goals but also accounting for customers growing needs and marketing changes.
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