5 Tools to Measure Your Social Media ROI

Measurement Matters.
For the sake of your money and your time it’s critical that you constantly gauge and evaluate whether your social media tactics are working in your favor.
There are dozens of tools to measure your efforts, here are a few that may meet your needs:

1. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is designed to optimize social media marketing success and ROI; it will track your customers anonymously on the first visit and subsequent visits, as well as keep tabs on conversions. It is good for evaluating customer behavior and ROI.

2. RJ Metrics’ Cloud BI

It gives a very detailed analysis of customer behaviour and lifetime value – Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Apart from the automatic evaluation of CLV, this tool will give you insights into such as the social media channel that referred the customer, as well as details about marketing ROI in relation to the cost of acquiring a customer. Get help from this tool with determining customer behavior, assessing ROI and getting an accurate CLV report.

3. Google Analytics

It is the most popular tool for social media performance assessment; it will give track and let you see where your traffic is originating and how online visitors interact with your sites and social media pages. Find out which social media campaign is really working and bringing visitors to your site and track individual conversions as well.

4. Cyfe

Cyfe helps you gauge how wide your contents reach is; by customizing your dashboards for the information you want, this tool will provide feedback on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media networks and it tracks activities related to emails, blogs, and adverts as well.

5. Customer Lifetime Calculator

How much does it cost you to get or retain each customer your social media campaign? Customer Lifetime Calculator is the tool to get you the answers. Use CLC to determine whether your efforts are worth the investment. CLC will give insights to help you decide whether a campaign should be ended or whether it ought to be boosted, and is a good tool for short and long term strategy for your social media marketing campaign.

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