20 Free or Easy Ways to Promote Your Business

Every business is always looking for ways to get more people in the wider market looking their way. Branding and marketing is even tougher for small start ups since they do not have the money to invest in capital intensive promotional campaigns run by the bigger or more established entities.

Here is our list of 20 ways to promote your business:

1. Charity

Volunteering your time and donating to charity will get you noticed; give advice, your service or product, but most important some of your time and get people calling.

2. Free business directories

There are already many free business directories out there where you can list your business such as Yellow Pages, Just Dial etc.

3. Business partnerships

Get in partnership with similar businesses for more exposure and greater network.

4. Offer free beverages

Once a week, offer free coffee, tea or cocoa to any luck person who reads the sign on your window.

5. YouTube

All you have to do is create a video of your service or products and upload for the world to see; you can even create your own channel.

6. Free seminars

Print out notices of free seminars in your community and get people coming; free advice is a cool way of getting people interested in your services and you.

7. Business cards

Making business cards does not cost much; make an order for your business and leave a card with everyone you meet. State clearly who you are, what you do, contacts and where you are located.

8. Blog

Create a Blog to sell your business and promote your service or products.

9. Groupon

This is a deal offering site; all you have to do is agree to their discount rates and they will do the promotional work for you. Look for and make use of other deal sites as well.

10. Community service

Actively participate in community events by donating service or prizes for example, or CSR organising and participating in social awareness events.

11. Free publications

Whether online or off, publishing free professional advice will get people interested in your articles and will start contacting and seeking out your business.

12. E-mail

Do an email marketing blitz; it will get you enquiries and conversions. Here is a resource for emailing success; #LaunchLove Email Marketing: Get an Insider’s Look Into the Tricks and Tools I’ve Used to Grow My Mailing List by 500+ New Subscriptions a Day!

13. Public demo

This is an old tactic, but still works very well; set up a stand outside your premises or at a place with a lot of traffic and demonstrate to passersby and onlooker what your business does.

14. Local business reviews

Reviewing other business in your area is promotion for them; will respond by promoting you as well.

15. Referral and reward program

Start a reward for a referral program with existing customers and have more people seeking your products or services in a short time.

16. Online forums

Online forums are a great way of getting noticed and attracting a following; join like minded forums and actively participate in discussions or answer questions.

17. Google My Business

This is the ideal promotion tool for local listings; online searches are becoming more and more localised.

18. Social Media

Open profile pages for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Start writing about your business and interacting with the online audience.

19. Networking events

There are many free to attend or subscribe business networking meetings and reap the benefits of meeting people and businesses- a free audience to sell your business.

20. Unique online content

Ensure that the content on your website is unique and relevant; great content attracts online traffic.

There you have it! Get on with promoting your business.

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