3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Publicist

The power of publicity for business success and brand visibility and growth cannot be understated. Having the right publicist by your side to help and guide you through this process is important; you want someone who will understands who you are, the vision for who you want to be while simultaneously bringing the experience, insights and work ethic to meet your brands goals.
When might you need a publicist:

    •  New product launch
    • New business
    • Rebranding
    • Crisis management
    • Here are a few recommendations on finding the right representation for you:

Do your research

Many people make the mistake of settling for the first publicist they meet and find out when it is too late that they hired the wrong person. Before hiring, do a thorough research of publicists and meet several; you really want the person who understands your brand and can effectively tell your story.
Remember to use your list of expectations; How do you want your publicity campaign to be run? What medium do you want to explore? What can you afford?

Some of the things you may want to look at are:

  • Industry – Publicists have specialties. Finding someone who works within your niche could be the difference between you getting visibility or not
  • Potential conflict of interest – Do they have exclusivity contracts or other clients that may compete with you?
  • The publicist’s reputation; ask for references and contact them. An ideal candidate would be one with long term engagements and recurring clients.
  • Résumé & placements – What media or partnerships have they secured in the past?
  • Vibes – Speak with him or her directly. Does he or she understand your business, your brand, your product or services?

Forget promises, look for verifiable and measurable achievements

Although mentioned in passing in the previous point, the résumé is probably the most critical pointer to the ability of the publicist to deliver; very often, publicist claim capability or even experience of things that they haven’t done and aren’t really competent to execute. Review the publicist’s client list for experience in the area you want help in; you want someone who is consistent with measurable and verifiable achievements.
Let them take you through similar campaigns to gauge their abilities and help you decide whether they are fit or not. Always keep in mind that the publicist is only coming in to expound on what you want by engaging the expertise and skills, experience, and professional insight.

Referrals work best

There is no better examiner and judge than someone who has dealt with a publicist before; through referrals, you can get the best person to work for you by simply getting a name from a similar business to yours. Seek recommendations from closely related or complimentary brands to get objective and relevant perspective of what you might need. If you don’t have people you can immediately access explore PR and Marketing Facebook groups where you can openly engage with or chat with industry proessionals.
Your dream PR campaign is just a few steps away. Get more insights or our startup DYI media kit by copping our PR Power Kit , it includes a pitch template, checklist & press release guide that will help you ensure you include all of the things you need to review before you or your representative start reaching out to the media.

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