20 Free or Easy Ways to Promote Your Startup or App Business

It’s nearly every entrepreneur’s biggest hurdle – how to marketing your business, without breaking the bank.
Fortunately, some of the most successful promotional tactics come at little to no costs. Check out just few ideas on budget friendly business promos below.

1. Partner for a Giveaway

Know someone with a large audience? Partner with them to provide their friends, fans or followers a few of your business goodies. Whether you’re giving away a product or even just a consultation the exposure can’t be beat.

2. Join a Business Directories

Directories don’t start or stop with the Yellow Pages – there are literally thousands of free and low cost business directories, on and offline, for every industry. Including yourself in them can increase visibility, improve your SEO and route prospective clients to your site or establishments.

3. Create Mutually Beneficial Business Partnerships

Link with businesses working in or around your industry to route traffic to one another. Have a floral shop? Partner with wedding planners. A realtor and home insurance company could complement each other well. You scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours.

4. Host a Happy Hour

Nothing brings people out like free drinks. Bars are happy to work with entrepreneurs to draw out new patrons in exchange for publicity. Leverage the mixer as opportunity to educate people about your company and secure signups for your mailisting.

5. Post a YouTube Video

When you post on the internet, it’s forever. And in the event you post a promotional video, this may work in your favor. Having a promotional video not only makes articulating the value the product easier but improves your SEO. If you have the money to pay an YouTube influencer for review or to create original content, you can amplify your exposure ten fold.

6. Free seminars

Give a little to get a little. If you’re a subject matter expert giving free or low cost seminars and webinars are a great way of attracting people specifically interested in your industry and building a following around your expertise.

7. Creative Business cards

Get crafty with your business cards to make them keepsakes for your customers. For my cocktail app Alchomy, I made our bottle opener business cards that could be attached to your key chain. As they used the openers more and more they began to associate their social drinking experiences with the app.

8. Launch a Blog

Not only do blogs provide an opportunity to share content, updates and announcements around your business but they’re a great way of attracting interested parties to your thought leadership.

9. List Your Product on Groupon

Flash deal sites are a great way of selling a large influx of products and services quickly. It can be a great way to build your mailing list or to ramp up the volume of purchases within a matter of days. But buyer beware – make sure you can meet the demand that a site like Groupon can bring. There have been countless horror stories of businesses being run into the ground for failing to gauge the amount of business they culd handle.

10. Community Giveaways

Actively participate in community events by occasionally donating service or prizes for example to bring social awareness and build goodwill.

11. Pitch or Contributing to a Publication

Whether online or off, publishing free professional advice allows you to connect with new audiences and will get people interested in learning more about you and your business.

12. Build or Leverage an E-mail List

If you Do an email marketing blitz; it will get you enquiries and conversions. Here is a resource for emailing success; #LaunchLove Email Marketing: Get an Insider’s Look Into the Tricks and Tools I’ve Used to Grow My Mailing List by 500+ New Subscriptions a Day!

13. Public demo

This is an old tactic, but still works very well; set up a stand outside your premises or at a place with a lot of traffic and demonstrate to passersby and onlooker what your business does.

14. Local business reviews

Reviewing other business in your area is promotion for them; will respond by promoting you as well.

15. Referral and reward program

Start a reward for a referral program with existing customers and have more people seeking your products or services in a short time.

16. Online forums

Online forums are a great way of getting noticed and attracting a following; join like minded forums and actively participate in discussions or answer questions.

17. Google My Business

This is the ideal promotion tool for local listings; online searches are becoming more and more localised.

18. Social Media

Open profile pages for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Start writing about your business and interacting with the online audience.

19. Networking events

There are many free to attend or subscribe business networking meetings and reap the benefits of meeting people and businesses- a free audience to sell your business.

20. Unique online content

Ensure that the content on your website is unique and relevant; great content attracts online traffic.

There you have it! Get on with promoting your business.

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