5 Ways to Identify and Engage the Right Audience for Your Startup

One of the most common mistakes that a startup can make is trying to appeal to everyone. I’ve even done it myself. With my first app Alchomy, I wanted to include every feature for every body but at the end of the day everyone isn’t going to buy…and that’s what counts.
As a founder you must clearly define a target audience to be more efficient, effective and make the best use of time and money.
Here are 5 ways to identify and engage the right audience for your startup:

1. Profile your potential customers

Profile your potential customer by creating detailed customer personas. Customer personas should contain details on their demographic, needs and what they care about. The more detailed the customer persona is the more likely you are to the audience you want, and you will easily identify potential opportunities to guide leads through your sales funnel. Customer profiling and targeting is an ongoing process that should never stop; customer needs, desires, likes, are fluid and constantly changing.
Our Find Your Dream Customer: The Perfect Personas Guide will help you in starting the process of customer discovery

2. Leverage Social Media

Explore hashtags and tools like hashtag trackers to find out who is talking about what and in what regard they’re talking about it on and offline.
One of the most underutilized resources is Facebook Audience Insights. It helps you learn who is liking what and what related pages those users have taken an interest in.

3. Build an Online Community or discussion Forum

When it comes to engagement an easy and cost efficient way to engage is to Create a group or social media forum for your customers. Free Facebook groups enable you to connect and build relationships with your audience; answer questions directly, discuss your brand, send updates and share information relevant to them.

4. Tap In to their Emotions

At their core, what do your customers care about? Tapping into their emotions can be major key in helping them foster and affinity for your company. Connecting with your audience evokes the human side of the brand and reminds the audience that they are dealing with actual people behind the numbers.

5. Analyze the competition

The reason for any service or product offered in the market is to meet a need; analyzing your competition not only allows you to identify audiences you didn’t recognize before but to spot gaps which you can then exploit. Research everything to know what similar businesses are doing and how you can offer a better product or service.
Hopefully this gives you a leg up in the game – good luck!

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