Brand Archetypes: Which Genre Does Your Brand Fall Under?

Brand Archetypes: Which Genre Does Your Brand Fall Under?
January 9, 2018 admin

If your business was a movie, what genre would it fall within?
We call this an archetype. It’s a universal collective of unconscious patterns, symbols or imagery that people use to assign meaning to something.
Why is it important? Well people have a tendency to accept and embrace feelings and emotions that they can understand. So aligning your brand to an existing archetype will save your time and money by helping you clearly define how people connect with you.
Check out the 12 most common archetypes and think about which one you might apply to your business.

1. The Lover

This brand archetype evokes erotic and loving experiences and is for brands that want to be associated with intimate moments.
Ex. Victoria’s Secret, Godiva Chocolate

2. The Everyman or Regular guy

This is the most challenging brand archetype because it appeals to everyone across all demographics; it promotes ordinary virtues and creates a sense of belonging for all.
Ex. Home Depot

3. The Jester

If you want to brand to be associated with entertainment, fun and happiness, this is the archetype for you. Sell happiness and optimism through a sense of humor for clients’ satisfaction.
Ex. The Onion, Ben & Jerry’s

4. The Outlaw

This is the branding genre for the fearless; the outlaw isn’t afraid of taking the path less followed and building a following.
Ex. Harley Davidson

5. The Magician

These brands tap into your dreams and fantasies, they manifest your thoughts into tangible products in an out of this world type of way.
Ex. Apple, Disney

6. The Creator

These businesses turn visions into reality. They nurture innovation and the actualization of ideas.

Ex. Lego, Crayola

7. The Hero

The Hero is an action oriented brand archetype which promotes perseverance and evokes courage in times of hardness; the hero makes the world better by striving to be the best.
Ex. Nike, BMW, Duracell

8. The Caregiver

If you are in the business of protecting and caring for people, this is your archetype; these are brands whose value is mainly direct customer service and care such as schools, hospices, hospitals, caregivers etc.
Ex. Campbell’s Soup, Johnson & Johnson

9. The Ruler

These brands value power and dominance and often are associated with being able to restore or maintain order or control
Ex. Mercedes Benz, Microsoft

10. The Sage

This is the archetype for knowledge, truth and wisdom; it explores positive ideas by seeking and using intellect and analysis to understand the world.

Ex. Google

11. The Explorer

This type of branding is all about discovery of a more authentic, better and fulfilling life. It is about selling freedom to fulfill life’s goals and dreams.

Ex. Jeep, Red Bull

12. The Innocent

These brands are in the pursuit of happiness. They bring about feelings of childhood, simplicity, goodness, and nostalgia.
Ex. Dove soap, Coca-Cola, Cottonelle bathroom tissue
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