The difference between PR (Public Relations), Marketing and Advertising

The difference between PR (Public Relations), Marketing and Advertising
January 9, 2018 admin

Pr, marketing and advertising are all tactics that can be use in promotion of the brand…but knowing the difference between them can be essential to how you run your business.
I’ve assembled a few notes outlining the differences between each and how each can be used in your favor.


Marketing is a set of conditions to aggregate a sale. Think of it as an overarching umbrella in which pr and advertising fall under.
In regard to your business, marketing can be used to communicate about a product or service and delivers it to a target audience using a mix of price, location and promotional incentives.
Marketing works best through strategic planning. It will guide you in deciding on issues such as which promotional activity to use where and the resources to assign or allocate.
The plan should:

  • Be research driven
  • Speak to potential customers
  • Leverage potential and effective communication tools.
  • Include a calendar
  • Be budget aligned
    Map your marketing efforts across the calendar with the aid of our Marketing Roadmap Planner.


Advertising is a paid tactic promotional tactic used to persuade an audience to buy or use a product or service, through such media as print (newspapers/magazines etc.) television, radio, the internet, posters or billboards etc.
Advertising is traditionally the domain of agencies that specialize in creating and interpreting marketing ideas and goals into effective advertisements for enticing customers to purchase a product or service. Businesses usually outsource or collaborate with advertising agencies to create the ads they require however there are many tools and resources these days that can help you run campaigns yourself.

Public Relations (PR)

PR focuses on the image of a brand, business, product or service to create, develop and maintain a good reputation. Public relations in is simply to have and keep good relations with the customers or market.
Think of it this way, advertisement essentially sells the brand; public relations’ aim is to get noticed by the media by putting the product, service or brand in the public eye through:
Press releases.
Contact with media to informing and push the brand.
Speaking about a brand at public forums.
Writing in-house newsletters and magazines.
Tracking media or press mentions of the brand, product or service.
Public relations role is to convey a positive image of a brand to the market through the media. If you’re interested in exploring PR for your business I would recommend you using our PR Power Kit to help you get the word out.

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