3 Must Haves for Your PR Media Kit

Journalists are busy. Really busy.

For every pitch you send to them, there may be 100 more like it just waiting in their inbox. Its not enough to just have interesting pitch, you must make sure that you include all of the deliverables to ensure that producing your article is as easy and seamless as possible.
This is where your press kit comes it. It provides a consolidated snapshot of your brand story in a way that is informative and timely to getting the coverage you need.

A good press kit includes…

1. Press Photos

A picture is truly worth a thousand words when it comes to PR. Including high-quality photographs of both the product itself as well as the managing team are always hugely convenient when assembling together a story.

2. Press Releases

A press release should not only describe what the brand is, but WHY the journalist should be writing about it.

New product release?

New features added in?

Name change?

Highlight it here. Use these 1-2 pages to outline info and pertinent facts that summarize your brand, its relevance and its newsworthiness today.

3. Brand Assets

You’ve included your photos, but what about screenshots? Your logo? Imagery or video to show how it can or should be used? Brand assets help give writers context and full understanding of the product and the story around it.

All of these items should accompany a solid pitch that quickly grabs the writer’s attention and briefly outlines why you’re contacting them today. The press kit can be attached to an email or included in a file for the writer’s convenience. You also have the option of keeping these items online in a repository to be shared with the click of a link.

PR pitching is an art and it takes time to perfect, but an all inclusive kit can get you moving in the right direction.

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