5 PR Tools to Perfect Your Public Relations Campaign

Pulling together a public relations campaign can be time consuming and extremely labor intensive. While you can’t avoid sweat equity all together, a number of tools have been developed to accelerate and make the process a little easier. Check out a few of the most popular below:

1. Muckrack

Putting together a media list – a contact list of journalist – can take hours. That’s where MuckRack comes in. Its primary purpose is to provide PR professionals and marketers with an easy way to find contact with journalists. It connects the news to be shared with the distribution channels and writers, who want to find interesting new content to build their portfolio. Many people consider MuckRack to considerably faster than other programs in alerting its users to industry news.

2. BuzzSumo

This is a site that gives information about industries and the content popular within that category including views, shares and reach. Not only will it keep tabs on your competitors, what they publish and the response they get but it gives insights on the right steps to take to yield similar results.

3. Help a reporter out (HARO)

HARO is a database of journalists and public relations professionals. Its sole aim is to connect the two so that one can get access to new content and things to right about, and the other can get their clients in the press. Once a reporter signs up and lists their needs HARO will notify PR professionals of the opportunities available for media coverage.

4. Google alerts

Sometimes journalist will find you, without you even knowing it. Google alerts are simply free notices that will send you an email any time you or your organization is mentioned across the web.

5. Moz

Moz helps you measure, monitor, and improve a website’s onsite and offsite level of search engine optimization. It provides both free and paid tools to help businesses which would like to rank better nationally and on a global scale.

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