Being a blogger is on the top of many people’s dream job list. And while the allure of the role is obvious, what’s not always so clear is how many content creators make enough money to sustain themselves.

If you’re thinking about jumping into the blogger seats, here are three ways to start producing revenue so you can evolve your hobby into a job.

1: Placing ads on your blog.

One of most accessible ways to start generating income is to place advertisements on your page. There are dozens of ad networks, like AdSense, that will work with you to integrate banners and advertisement opportunities into your blog.

If you’re going to go the ad route however you should make sure you focus on driving enough traffic to really produce some revenue, and that starts with great content. Keeping your content timely, relevant and relatable and working with brands who tie in to your theme will put you in the right direction.

Sidenote: Your page isn’t the only avenue to make money. Don’t underestimate the power of your email list. You can use your email list to further build and nurture relationships with your readers. Then via emails, you can drive them back to your website to purchase your products and services.

2: Connecting with brands for sponsored campaigns.

If you’re a subject matter expert on a particular topic brands may be willing to leverage your expertise and influence to promote their products to your readers.

Sponsored posts are like a cousin of traditional advertising in which instead of relying solely on traffic, you get paid up front to review a product or share information about a product with your readers or followers. Depending on your following, sponsored posts can bring you anything from a couple bucks to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Bonus Tip: If the product you’re promoting is a subscription service, make sure you use a service like VigLink to receive recurring payment

Don’t bother signing up for programs you only plan to promote once. Instead, use a service like VigLink to affiliate those links. You will still make money on resulting sales. If it’s performing well you can sign up for the affiliate program later on. This is a great way to monetize before reaching out to premium partners you want to promote.

3: Using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of driving traffic to a product, service or page through a link and receiving a commission on any purchases that happen as a result of your referral.
What’s great about affiliate marketing is that it can work for you regardless of how large or small or your audience is. While having more followers may increase your odd, a small dedicated group of people who are vested in what you’re promoting could generate just as many sales.

Bonus Tip: VigLink is one of the best beginners sites to get acquainted with affiliate marketing. The program identifies products mentioned with you content and links the words to campaigns that can generate cash for you.

Remember blogging is a marathon not a sprint, it takes time to build revenue streams to the point you can make a living off of it. However with a little consistency, great content and discipline (and a whooole lot of patience!) its possible to get to the next level.

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